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We are in the midst of one of the most exciting and tumultuous times this world has ever witnessed. Because we are so conditioned, and taught to have answers to everything, we've forgotten how powerful we truly are!  Ask and Receive, is exactly what we're presenting to you in this series. How to actually ask and easily receive anything you want in life. We'll present some of the most cutting edge work that will literally change your life.

We've always known there has to be a better way. Join us to explore better ways to manifest abundance, work with your Guidance, connect with your higher Self, use your sacred space and partner with Spirit. Put on your seat belt and get ready for this amazing series which will be life altering!

Thank you for being so amazing and for your courage to live life to the fullest!

Infinite Love & Appreciation,

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Welcome to our brand new Teleseminar Series, Ask and Receive. What if the Universe actually has your back? What if it is really just as easy as asking for what you want? We haven't known how to ask the right questions to get the help we deserve, until now. 

Our commitment to you - help you to learn how to ask the right questions so you work in partnership with Spirit to receive relevant answers that you can apply to your life, goals and dreams. Let us help you fulfill your mission in life. Join us and learn from some of the world's top Visionaries, Energy Healers and Teachers in the Human Potential Movement.

Ask and Receive a life that is extraordinary, filled with joy, peace, abundance and health.

Infinite Love & Appreciation!

Every Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 PM Eastern
(5:00 PM Central, 3:00 PM Pacific)

These Are Your Expert Speakers (a $697 value... yours for FREE)

Enroll for this FREE 12-Week Teleseminar AND get your #1 question answered by these experts (and FREE bonus gifts see below)...
Dee Wallace
Actress, Healer and Author
Arielle Ford
The Soulmate Secret
Lisa Nichols
Bestselling Author and Public Speaker
Eric Pearl
Internationally Recognized Healer
Ann Taylor
Create a Compelling Future
Rikka Zimmerman
Access Consciousness Facilitator
Richard Moss M.D.
Living a Path of Love and Wisdom
Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
CEO of the Journey North America
Rev. Kenji Kumara M.A.
Creator of Quantum Lightweaving® and Fellowship Of Lightweavers Church
Gregg Braden
Scientist and Visionary
Panache Desai
Avatar and Catalyst for Vibrational Transformation
Mark Romero
Internationally known energy healer, guitarist and teacher.
Hans King
Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Teacher
Tapas Fleming L.Ac.
Founder TAT® and Energy Psychology Pioneer
Howard Martin
Founder HeartMath®
Mas Sajady
Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive and Success Energizer
Donna Eden
Teaching Energy Medicine
Russell Feingold
Shamanic Healer, Sound Healing Ceremonialist, and Author of Heart Wisdom™
Kahu Fred Sterling
Kahu Fred Sterling - Master Medium, Healer, Author, Shaman
Sheila Gale
Raising Awareness Through Radio TV & The Internet
Michael Beckwith
Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center
Dr. Dain Heer
Access Consciousness: Being You, Changing the World
Mike Ocampo
alfred ricci

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