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Tuesday, November 15, 2011 6:00 PM Eastern
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for an Exclusive Interview by Sheila Gale

with Mas Sajady!

Interview Topic:
Accessing higher consciousness to allow all encompassing abundance
The work that I do goes to the core foundation of abundance. Without "healing" spiritual or core issues an individual would never be able to manifest anything physical no matter how hard they try. Many motivational books or leaders show us only the physical aspect of how to create abundance. This is a hit or miss approach. Along with that there are many people who reach some sort of success in an area of their lives but find no happiness. To really achieve an all encompassing abundance your spirit and physical must work in harmony.

About  Mas Sajady:
Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive and Success Energizer
After two near death experiences Mas Sajady has been gifted with amazing healing abilities at a very high level that very few healers possess. Thousands have benefitted from this natural phenomenon, in their health, relationships, and financial and spiritual arenas of life. Through a very unique method Mas can awaken your internal “GPS” system so you can automatically be effortlessly guided towards a fulfilling life that you truly enjoy.
Listen if you are ready to start on a life-changing journey.

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